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Anthony Burke has been mentioned or cited less than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Scott's Weblog' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Anthony Burke was highly popular in March, 2016.

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Interview: Sydney-based Graphic Studio Design by Toko.

[...] to our philosophy and creative heritage. Our favourite project is a project with Anthony Burke and Gerard Reinmuth as the creative team responsible for the Australian Exhibition at [...]

Technology Short Take #67

[...] Short Take #67. Here’s hoping something I’ve collected for you here proves useful! Networking Anthony Burke has written a script that uses VMware NSX to protect VMware Log Insight instances. More [...]

Technology Short Take #64

[...] the underlying open source projects underneath RHEV, or is the functionality already there? Anthony Burke is flexing his sysadmin skills (he comes from a predominantly networking-centric background) [...]

Technology Short Take #63

[...] their thinking is how to best utilize security groups to their maximum effect. Some of Anthony Burke’s work here may also be useful; for example, check out his recent article on using Log Insight [...]

Technology Short Take #62

[...] cmdlets for administrators of VMware NSX running in vSphere environments. Check out Anthony Burke’s introductory post on PowerNSX for more details. Seen this? (Cue the round of folks [...]

Technology Short Take #51

[...] to be negligible overall. MAC learning on OVS under OpenStack? Here you go, thanks to Anthony Burke. Dave Tucker—formerly of Socketplane, now of Docker—has a post outlining the direction [...]

Technology Short Take #44

[...] model. Operating Systems/Applications Looks like we have another convert to Markdown—Anthony Burke recently talked about how he uses Markdown. Regular readers of this site know that I do almost [...]

Technology Short Take #41

[...] what is seen in centralized control plane deployments). Looking for more VMware NSX content? Anthony Burke has started a new series focusing on VMware NSX in pure vSphere environments. As far as I can [...]

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