Armstrong has been mentioned or cited more than a thousand times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Living Armstrongism' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Armstrong was highly popular in November, 2016.

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Celtic 1-1 Rangers: Scottish Premiership – as it happened

[...] min A Celtic change: Patrick Roberts (pictured below) replaces James Forrest. 1.24pm GMT 68 min Armstrong brings a fine diving save from Foderingham with a long-range curler. 1.22pm GMT 65 min Rangers [...]

WPTavern: Releases Chrome Add-On for Google Docs

[...] us, and we want to investigate a lot of different approaches,” Automattic representative Mark Armstrong said. “Google Docs made perfect sense because it’s where a lot of people already do [...]

The Journal: Issue 192 Online

[...] events, this time focusing upon Amarillo Church of God Pastor Jeff Booth and how Herbert Armstrong fired him 7 times in one afternoon. Church pastor recalls the time he was fired seven times [...]

Wrapping up the weekend, March 5

[...] drama with a 7-2 Sunday victory. * USC Aiken (15-3) completed a Peach Belt Conference sweep at Armstrong State, but not without some drama.  The Pacers took leads ot 3-2, 6-2 and 9-4, but Armstrong [...]

Dave Pack Skirts Scoffing With His Apologetic for the Obvious

[...]  God wanted the Bible written. It’s absolutely what God wanted the apostles to say. Mr. Armstrong understood this much for sure—and said it—it’s as though the Bible was written to the [...]

Gerald Flurry Says Joe Tkach is Going to go to President Trump and Rat Out PCG Causing Them to be Kicked Out of the Coun...

[...]  Satan is reportedly really really pissed that Flurry now disseminates Herbert Armstrong's writings.  Satan is angry! Satan is NOT happy!  Satan is wrathful! Amos’s [...]

Woman Who Intentionally Crashed Her Car Into A Chicken Truck May Be The Most Insufferable Vegan On Earth

[...] . And maybe the most insufferable of the bunch is 26-year-old Georgia resident Judith Armstrong. Judith was arrested last week after purposely crashed into a chicken truck because she’s “a [...]


Gerald Weston Tries To Sound Frightful As The New Heir To Meredith

[...] democratic countries of Northwestern Europe long before I heard any of this from my father. Mr. Armstrong was seeing the world through the lens of biblical prophecy and an understanding of the KEY to [...]

PCG had $5 Million in Annual Income by 1996

[...] is receiving new prophetic revelation from God today". (TPT, 3/95, p. 4). ... "...Mr. Armstrong is our primary connection to God in this end time!...Mr. Herbert Armstrong was that messenger [...]

Examining HWA and His Teachings With an Open Mind and Bible

[...] a PRIME candidate to have his "fruits" examined. Let’s take a closer look at Herbert Armstrong to see if his fruits and teachings can bear up under scrutiny in the light of day. I think it [...]

Video: ACLU Calls for Portland PD to Change Response to Trump Protests

[...] ,” Armstrong told KGW TV. “What seems to be different is the swiftness and violence of the police response.” [...]


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