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Obama’s 13 Impeachable Offenses

[...] . (plus 7 more offenses in original article) . Original article: Lawless in the White House by Bob Beauprez, former GOP Congressman from Colorado, Bob Beauprez – Monday, August 19, 2013: http:// [...]

Fetal Homicide: Let No Tragedy Go Unexploited

[...] Senator Cory Gardner, who was then a Senate candidate, or the party’s nominee for governor, Bob Beauprez. But the unfathomable crime against Ms. Wilkins, 26, in Longmont stunned people across [...]

Get More Smarter on Tuesday (March 10)

[...] account for a “pot-only credit union.” ► We’re just going to come out and say it: Bob Beauprez might be an animatronic robot that escaped from Showbiz Pizza before Chuck-E-Cheese [...]

Dr. Chaps Compares Planned Parenthood to ISIS

[...] know that one legislative candidate in Colorado Springs doesn’t reflect the views of Bob Beauprez or Cory Gardner.” Now Call is locked in a battle with businessman Steve House over who [...]

Get More Smarter on Friday (Feb. 27)

[...] wedding day for Republicans Monica Owens (daughter of BIll Owens) and John Beauprez (Bob Beauprez's youngest son). ► Have you heard the one about the Personhood bill? Oh, you have? [...]

Key fact in debate about pregnancy-prevention program: IUDs prevent pregnancy

[...] -prevention implants, and Lundberg (along with twice failed gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez) believe IUDs cause abortions. But IUDs work before pregnancy occurs! “Any statement [...]

“Last Call For Ryan Call?” Opponents Lay Out Grievances

[...] anger over the shenanigans in the GOP gubernatorial primary last year, which saw Bob Beauprez elevated by national Republicans over grassroots pick Tom Tancredo also works against [...]

Top 10 Stories of 2014: The Final Four

[...] with an opponent as singularly awful as former Congressman and 2006 gubernatorial loser Bob Beauprez. Colorado Republicans were keenly aware of Hickenlooper’s vulnerability as 2013 drew to a [...]

Top 10 Stories of 2014: Cory Gardner Runs for U.S. Senate (#8)

[...] victory in 2002. Gardner's candidacy also shifted the priorities of Colorado Republicans. Bob Beauprez would probably not have been the GOP nominee for Governor if not for his ability to partially [...]

Expert Analysis: What Happened in Colorado in 2014?

[...] by Hickenlooper's winning positive economic message, which stood out against both Bob Beauprez's over-the-top scare tactics and Udall's one-note abortion attack strategy. Working [...]

Gessler’s Anti-Mail Ballot Talking Points Grow Awfully Thin

[...] . Republicans won the U.S. Senate race, dominated the downticket statewide races except Bob Beauprez's gubernatorial defeat, and made Democrats work for legislative races all over the state. [...]


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