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Bob Crow has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'World news | The Guardian' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Bob Crow was highly popular in December, 2016.

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Lansman’s Scorched Earth War Against Democracy in Momentum

[...] Party.  He takes delight in quoting Nick Wrack who, after the death of Tony Benn and Bob Crow, said that ‘There’s no life for the left in the Labour party.’ Many of us believed this. [...]

The Last Stand of the Old Guard?

[...] line (Goblin) interesting and relevant to today is that the RMT under its then leader Bob Crow, claimed that this was detrimental to public safety. TfL countered by saying, on the [...]

Stupid pillocks who – if they do anything – help the Tories

[...] are aware of what TUSC is, let alone that their union is an affiliate. Even the much-missed Bob Crow studiously avoided all mention of the coalition of which he was a founder on his Question Time [...]

jordan retro 1 UK austerity marchers challenge government cuts

[...] action and a general strike. That is why RMT says, march today, strike tomorrow,” Bob Crow was planning to say, Sky News reported without citing a source. Reuters jordan retro 2 [...]

Woman castrates neighbor’s dogs

[...] and both obviously in excruciating pain. The couple called the sheriff’s department and Sheriff Bob Crow arrived, making a report of same and indicating in his report that the dogs were traumatized [...]

Banning online ‘extremists’ isn’t the answer

[...] find themselves slapped down. Monarchists or communists (like the late militant union leader, Bob Crow) could be swept up for peacefully expressing their political views. And while we should resist [...]

Russell Brand Calls for ‘Joyful Revolution’ as Tens of Thousands March in London Against Government’s Austerity Measures

[...] have served generations. “Alongside May Day demonstrations in memory of the legendary Bob Crow, who helped launch the People’s Assembly, and Tony Benn, who was Assembly president when [...]

Irishman vying to succeed Bob Crow claims he was target of racist smear campaign

[...] general secretary position.” Mr Hedley, who is one of five men vying to replace the late Bob Crow at the helm of the RMT, said he could not provide evidence of the abuse because it had been [...]

No2EU seeks ‘proper debate not jobs’

[...] conceding it is unlikely to get any MEPs elected. The party, co-founded by the late union leader Bob Crow, is fielding 60 candidates across the United Kingdom in Thursday’s European Parliament [...]

May Day: Rallies around the world - live updates

[...] of activists are expected to attend a May Day rally to pay tribute to rail union leader Bob Crow and Labour leftwinger Tony Benn. Both died a few days of each other in March. Tony Lennon, chief [...]

48-Hour Strike Begins On London Underground

[...] . London mayor Boris Johnson called the action, the first since the death of firebrand RMT chief Bob Crow in March, "pointless and mad".    RMT acting general secretary Mick Cash [...]


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