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Earth Changes Accelerating, Doomsday Nuclear Torpedo Leak Gives Insight To Russian Strategic Mindset

[...] : Earth’s magnetic poles are ‘switching’ with catastrophic consequences for humanity“ Bruce Jakosky, MAVEN principal investigator at the University of Colorado, Boulder, said when the [...]

MAVEN captures initial images of Mars atmosphere, braces for tighten comet flyby

[...] that is improved than expected during this early theatre of a mission,” says Bruce Jakosky, MAVEN’s principal investigator. “All instruments have now been incited on — [...]

MAVEN Spacecraft Arrives on Mars

[...] Sunday. It will measure the rates at which gases escape the Martian atmosphere into space. Bruce Jakosky, who is leading the science side of the mission, said the goal is to understand what caused [...]


NASA successfully completes MAVEN’s Mars Orbit Insertion

[...] to be here safely and successfully, and looking forward to starting our science mission. said Bruce Jakosky, MAVEN principal investigator with the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the [...]

NASA spacecraft enters Mars’ orbit to explore atmosphere

[...] the upper atmosphere of Mars and how it interacts with the Sun and the solar wind,” said Bruce Jakosky, a principal investigator for MAVEN at the University of Colorado in Boulder. This milestone [...]

Mars Maven mission set for arrival

[...] been able to put the whole end-to-end picture together,” said principal investigator Bruce Jakosky. “I’m hoping Maven will be a mission of discovery, that almost everything we observe [...]

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