Chee has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'The Real Singapore' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Chee was highly popular in August, 2016.

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Pleiadian Message from Ireland Part 3

[...] feel good and, you feel confident and you energy field goes up, and you are using your “Qi (Chee)” so to speak – others feel it. If you have good energy other people like to be around you. [...]

6 Things Chee Soon Juan Promises If He Wins The Bukit Batok By-Election

[...] CSJ’s Time To Shine? As of Sunday (20 Mar), Dr Chee Soon Juan has confirmed that he will be the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)’s candidate for the [...]

SDP’s Chee Soon Juan Vows To Make MINDEF And SAF Answer for NSF’s Death

[...] Here comes justice Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan has met up with the mother of the late NSF Dominique Sarron Lee who died from an [...]

Win tickets to Mieliepop 2016!

[...] Gun, Sutherland, Bright Lights Big City, Sea of Green, DJ Legend, Haezer, Moe Joe, Phizicist vs Chee, Half ‘n Half, Kid Robot, Dogstarr, Fabio, G-Force, Sound Sensible, Andi Dill, Michael Lesar ft [...]

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