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Chris Hani has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Mike Smith's Political Commentary' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Chris Hani was highly popular in April, 2016.

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Mike Smith endorses the Cape Party

[...] for its failures too long He said: “This is no longer the ANC of Mandela, Tambo and Chris Hani. You must not feel ashamed for not voting for the ANC, because that party is now rotten.” [...]

PCG Vilifying Nelson Mandela Upon His Death (2013)

[...] particular song was made in response to the murder of a black South African politician, Chris Hani, by white extremists in 1993. PCG's leaders seem to ignore the role that the brutality of [...]

Can't run a navy, but wants to change names of buildings

[...] decided to change the name of the historic Naval home he resides in from Belmont House to Chris Hani House, named after the assassinated head of the South African Communist Party. Battle brewing [...]

Boer patriot shunned by LWB at Voortrekker Monument

[...] the Boer people they are sold out by white Boer women? When Janusz Walus shot Communist scumbag Chris Hani a white Boer woman called the police and gave them his full description. When the Boeremag [...]

Andrew Murray statue and Ficksburg Grave Monument defaced – How much more provocation before the war starts?

[...] whilst the President was opening a Satanic monument to the Communist God of South Africa, Chris Hani his followers went and defaced the statue of a man of God with red paint. See? I have said many [...]

Billy Gallagher draws the crowds at Hostex

[...] in 1993, the country was on fire, a political mess and the unthinkable happened – Chris Hani was shot the day Ali arrived. Ali wanted to things – to meet his hero, Nelson Mandela, [...]

Who is really keeping Mugabe and Zuma in power?

[...] ” Mugabe molested by one of his Jesuit mentors? …But the rabbit hole goes deeper… In 1993 Chris Hani, the leader of the South African Communist Party and considered by many as the successor  [...]

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