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Chris McDaniel has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Mississippi Conservative Daily' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Chris McDaniel was highly popular in January, 2017.

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McDaniel: Federalism the Key to Preserving Our Liberty

[...] By Senator Chris McDaniel At a Jefferson Day dinner party in 1830, President Andrew Jackson raised his glass in a toast [...]

McDaniel: Conservatism in Mississippi

[...] By Senator Chris McDaniel From time to time, people ask about the governing philosophy of conservatism — particularly [...]

McDaniel: Gorsuch and the Hope for Restoration

[...] By Senator Chris McDaniel Now that President Trump has made his choice for the Court, choosing Judge Neil Gorsuch, [...]

Pseudo-Republican Blogger Joins Leftists in Attacking Senator Chris McDaniel

[...] supporters in attacking Mississippi’s strongest conservative senator. And make no mistake, Chris McDaniel is Mississippi’s strongest conservative. No one in Mississippi, and I stress NO ONE, has [...]

The Power of a Free Marketplace

[...] By Senator Chris McDaniel Some are without humility, insisting that if only they utilize the power of government, then [...]

The Truth Behind the “Women’s March”

[...] By Ryan S. Walters Sparks flew Sunday night, and into Monday, after Senator Chris McDaniel posted his thoughts on the national “Women’s March” on his Facebook page. Senator McDaniel [...]

State of the States: Cuomo meets Trump; Virginia shoots down bathroom bill and native Hawaiians’ public health crisis: 1...

[...] the past six years. In Mississippi this week, Y’al Politics has the news that State Senator Chris McDaniel has filed a bill which would limit state legislators to no more than two successive terms. [...]

McDaniel: Liberals Ignore the Underlying Problem in the Middle East

[...] By Senator Chris McDaniel We have known the truth for eight years — Barack Obama is no friend of Israel. In an attempt [...]

Trump Courts the Establishment, Some Conservatives Feel Betrayed

[...] to the disgusting race-baiting campaign the establishment, with Barbour help, flung at Chris McDaniel. Would Chief of Staff Priebus, a position known as the “guardian of the gate,” [...]

Panicked Establishment Already At Work To Save RINO Roger

[...] , and more frightening than that. Rumors are starting to grow that State Senator Chris McDaniel might just throw his hat into the ring against Senator Roger Wicker in the 2018 [...]

Walters: The Rise of Mississippi’s Socialist Republicans

[...] Senator Chris McDaniel one of only a handful to stand against the growing corporatist welfare state. By Ryan S. [...]


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