Cordain has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Health Fitness Daily' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Cordain was highly popular in November, 2015.

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The Paleo Diet Bar – Cranberry Almond – 2.47 oz Bars – Case of 12 – Gluten Free – Dairy Free –

[...] The Paleo DietTM Bar In Collaboration with Dr. Loren Cordain Gluten Free Soy Free Dairy Free The Paleo Diet Bar is a superior nutrition bar that is gluten, [...]

Paleo Goes "Real Science" - First Meta-Analysis of Available RCTs Shows Improvements in Health + Body Compositio...

[...] it Worth it? Just to make sure there's no confusion. I am not saying that everything that Eaton, Cordain and others wrote is bogus. I am just saying that their papers are above everything else the [...]

Is the Paleo Diet Good for Runners?

[...] the Paleo Diet Good for Runners? Since carbohydrates are non-negotiable for endurance athletes, Cordain co-authored The Paleo Diet for Athletes with Joe Friel, a renowned coach with a master's degree [...]

Could You Cater for Paleo Diets?

[...] not always been so prevalent. It first took hold when Colorado State University Professor Loren Cordain’s book, ‘The Paleo Diet’, was published back in 2001. Following its unprecedented success, [...]

Sprouting Truth From the Rubble: The Modern Paleo Diet Template

[...] diet on health and human disease today is; perhaps, the most important issue at hand. When Dr. Cordain introduced me to Paleolithic nutrition back in the late 1980s, the dietary template was a [...]

The Paleo diet: is it good for you?

[...] come from? The diet has been popularised by one book particularly – The Paleo Diet, by Dr Loren Cordain. Unlike some popular diet advisers, Cordain has genuine scientific credentials: she is a [...]

Got Bones? The Paleo Solution for Building Strong Bones While Keeping Arteries Soft and Supple

[...] . Loren Cordain is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State [...]

Wheat: Opening the Barrier to Poor Gut Health

[...] for any good Paleo dieter, was clearly opening doors. Regards, Trevor Connor Trevor Connor is Dr. Cordain’s last mentored graduate student and will complete his M.S. in HES and Nutrition from the [...]

The Paleo Diet Rebuts the British Dietetic Association’s (BDA) Top 5 Worst Diet Rankings

[...] to help determine what may be an optimal diet for human health and performance. Dr. Loren Cordain, the very founder of the modern Paleo Diet movement, demonstrated an example of being open minded [...]

Artificial Sweeteners: Agents of Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Disease

[...] harmful to your developing fetus than are artificially sweetened soft drinks. Cordially, Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus Dr. Loren Cordain is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Health [...]

Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health And Lose Weight By Eating

[...] edited, however.Even if you have read the wonderful books by Taubes, Fallon and Enig, Gedgaudes, Cordain, Price, Sisson, Schwartzbein, Shanahan, Eades etc. this book is still worth reading.I rate this [...]


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