Don Murphy

Don Murphy has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'MovieWeb News' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Don Murphy was highly popular in October, 2015.

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S-House by VMX Architects, Three Level House with Bright Yellow Exterior

[...] VMX Architects consists of two partners: Don Murphy and Leon Teunissen. One of their design is S-House, located one of the island of IJburg. The [...]

Preparing For The 20th Annual Pigskin Pigout

[...] While creating a family-like setting at their Irish pub, Marion and Don Murphy also help generate more than a million dollars for local charities. Next up, the 20th annual [...]


Pet Set crowd gets a head start on fall gala with fab feast at new restaurant

[...] & Fabulous Soiree will be held on Friday, Sept. 11, at The Astorian. Who: Tyson Faust, Don Murphy, Shelby Kibodeaux, Bruce Padilla, Caroline Matthews Kenney, Donae and Rob Chramosta, Courtney [...]

50 Years Ago in Hockey – Canada Downs U.S. 5-2

[...] of the National Hockey League, Carl Voss, and the publicist of the Chicago Black Hawks, Don Murphy, engaged in a shouting and shoving match during Sunday evening’s game at the Chicago [...]

A Look At How The Ukrainian City Of Mauripol Is Preparing For War

[...] , Business Insider Analysis: In Ukraine's Donetsk, the 'death clutch' of a forgotten war -- Don Murphy, CBC [...]

Goth Chick News: From Hell Gets the Small Screen Treatment from FX

[...] provide the space needed for the entire story to unfold in a more cohesive way. For his part, Don Murphy who produced the 2001 film and is executive producing for FX, had always envisioned From Hell [...]

Alan Moore's 'From Hell' to Become FX Event Series

[...] , chronicling the events leading up to the Whitechapel killings and the ensuing cover-up. Don Murphy (Transformers: Age of Extinction), who produced the 2001 film, is executive producing the event [...]

Moore & Campbell’s Jack The Ripper Story FROM HELL Heading To FX

[...] a brand new series based on their work. Producer of the Hughes Brothers’ 2001 film, Don Murphy, is shepherding production with CHILDREN OF MEN screenwriter David Arata hired as lead [...]

Bins offer merchandising opportunities for produce

[...] Bland. “They just have to get it out on the floor and that’s it.” From a retail perspective, Don Murphy, director of produce and floral operations for Grocery Outlet, a Berkeley, CA-based chain, [...]

Quentin Tarantino Is a DJ

[...] arrives, with online articles and chat rooms dissecting the genealogy of his latest work. Don Murphy, Natural Born Killers producer and longtime Tarantino nemesis, voiced his opinion on the [...]

Dogs invade a fancy Houston store — and it's just a preview of the canine frenzy to come

[...] . Who: CAP executive director Kappy Muenzer, Brenda Love, Lesha and Tom Elsenbrook, Patti and Don Murphy, Elizabeth and Alan Stein, Brian Teichman and Andrew Cordes, Cheryl Byington and Danielle and [...]


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