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Gary Shelton has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Woody Paige' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Gary Shelton was highly popular in November, 2016.

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The Gary Shelton Column: Tom Brady The Maestro Leads Another Patriots Super Bowl Victory; He Most Certainly is Best. Qua...

[...] TOM IS TERRIFIC . . . AGAIN. CUE THE CONFETTI BY GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton How many times can you paint Mount Everest? How many ways can you describe a [...]

The Gary Shelton Column: San Francisco 49ers’ New General Manger Is A “Lynchpin” to Potential Success

[...] By GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton Special to He was one of the top handful of safeties ever to play [...]

The Gary Shelton Column: A Guide To Covering (And Uncovering) The Super Bowl . . . 29 Times

[...] THE REAL OPPONENTS AT THE SUPER BOWL — THE TEAMS AND THE MEDIA By GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton You arrived on Sunday, before the teams, before the media guides, before the [...]

The Gary Shelton Column: Was Clemson-Alabama The Best Of All Time? Twenty Candidates To Remember And Consider

[...] By GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton When it comes to the College National Championship, here’s what you get. You get [...]

Don’t Stop Believin’ In Santa

[...] you from John Hemstad, Laura Jimenez, Adrian Dater, John Henderson, Neil H. Devlin, Art Thiel, Gary Shelton, Buddy Martin, Natalie Meisler, B.G. Brooks, Mike Monroe, Jan Hubbard, Neill Woelk, Daniel [...]

The Gary Shelton Column: Florida Football Coaches Now — The Magnicient Seven? Where’s Yul Brenner?

[...] By GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton. I imagine them meeting in a quarterback’s living room. I imagine there isn’t [...]

The Gary Shelton Column: Why Is NFL Popularity Plummeting? 10 Reasons Why

[...] By  GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton A touchdown still counted six points. A field goal still counted three. Peyton [...]

The Gary Shelton Column: World To Tampa Bay Bucs’ Mike Evans — If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Gripe

[...] By GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton I like Mike Evans. Really, I do. I voted for Hillary [...]

The Gary Shelton Column: Justice (Charlie) Not Always Served, And Heisman Voting Not Always Well Dunn (Warrick)

[...] By GARY SHELTON @Gary_Shelton I can’t tell you how much I’m pulling for old what’s-his- [...]


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