Gayton has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Todas las publicaciones - yo amo a Barranquilla' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Gayton was highly popular in December, 2016.

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Google made a tablet for Ebola fighters that can be sanitized with chlorine

[...] Achar works in a high-risk medical facility in the city of Magburaka, and asked his collegue Ivan Gayton to find a more efficient way to transfer medical records. Gayton, in turn, asked developers at [...]

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On Crossing: Truly Dynamic

[...] of her youth for Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. In his book Landscapes of the Interior, Don Gayton puts forth a theory of primal landscape, positing that the landscape in which one spends one’s [...]

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