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Gene Roddenberry has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel '' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Gene Roddenberry was highly popular in September, 2016.

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EXCLUSIVE: Adam Nimoy Talks “What We Left Behind,” Directing, and Spock Appearing in Future Trek

[...] of Star Trek. There was this whole big issue of, is it or is it not really Star Trek? Would Gene Roddenberry approve? There also were a lot of constraints put on the show regarding what occurs in the [...]

BOOK REVIEW – Star Trek: The Face of the Unknown

[...] rage, and yet Bennett hits quite close to home with this observation. The author would make Gene Roddenberry and his writing staff proud. CHARACTER GROWTH Taking advantage of the novel’s setting, [...]

COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Waypoint #3

[...] THROUGH STAR TREK Inclusiveness and diversity have been at the heart of Star Trek since Gene Roddenberry first thought up the franchise more than 50 years ago. Longtime fan and IDW’s Star Trek [...]

2017 – 30 Things Turning 30

[...] fan conventions kept the series alive in the pop culture landscape. Helmed by Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, TNG followed a later iteration of the starship Enterprise on a “continuing mission” of [...]


The Five Ages of Star Trek: Day Three, 1987 to 1996

[...] of the TOS crew and a tie-in with Spock guest-starring on TNG. Just a few weeks before, Gene Roddenberry passed away, giving the franchise a big boost in the press. Even in his death, the Great [...]

Forgotten Roddenberry: The Questor Tapes

[...] Welcome back to our bi-weekly series on Gene Roddenberry’s work between Star Trek incarnations. Last time we looked at the satanic bromance thriller,  [...]

BREAKING: Bryan Fuller’s Departure from “Star Trek: Discovery” is Bittersweet, and Final

[...] curious to see what they do with it.” He adds that his plans were always to respect Gene Roddenberry’s original vision in: “…creating [Discovery] and getting to the heart of what the [...]

Forgotten Roddenberry: Spectre

[...] Welcome back to our bi-weekly series on Gene Roddenberry’s work between Star Trek incarnations. Last time we looked at the most optimistic post- [...]

Gene Roddenberry’s Abandoned Star Trek II Film Concept

[...] After the success of Star Trek: The Motion Picture at the box office, Gene Roddenberry immediately got to work on a sequel. Little did he know that Paramount was in the process of [...]

EDITORIAL: 10 Things About Star Trek I Am Thankful For

[...] . The integration was seamless and beautiful. I could watch it a hundred times. 2. Gene Roddenberry’s Idea That We Might Evolve Into Being Nice People Isn’t this the premise of the [...]

Forgotten Roddenberry: Genesis II

[...] So little has been written about Gene Roddenberry’s work outside of Star Trek, and yet the guy produced a movie and four television pilots in [...]


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