Harris has been mentioned or cited more than a thousand times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Velouk.net' contains more than a hundred references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Harris was highly popular in February last year. Popularity drop is quite noticeable as the number of mentions has suffered a drastic multifold decline in the last 6 months.

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Comparing the Production of the Offseason Transfers to the 2016-17 Newcomers

[...] to that of the transfers to determine if it was, in fact, a case of addition by subtraction. A.J. Harris vs. C.J. Jackson Player Minutes per game Field Goals Three Point Free Throws Rebounds Per game [...]



[...] WASHINGTON, DC: Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) is pleased to announce that the 2017 Congressional Art Competition is now open for [...]


Whoops! Kamala Harris takes swipe at Republicans & accidentally hits Obama

[...] California Sen. Kamala Harris has just noticed a problem: The middle class is shrinking & income inequality is increasing. [...]


Proposed Bill To Block Mandatory Microchipping Of Citizens

[...] but from people across the country. This is because Senate Bill 109 proposed by Senator Becky Harris is seen by many as a preemptive measure against the obvious push to implant humans with [...]


FA Cup, Premier League and more: 10 things to look out for this weekend

[...] embarrassment The FA Cup quarter-final at Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday is a fitting way for Neil Harris to celebrate two years in charge of the club he loves. Regardless of the result, the club have [...]


The Hurry Up: Georgia Wideout Stays Home, Florida Corner Cuts List to Five and Ohio State Misspells Recruit's Name in th...

[...] offered a scholarship early Thursday morning to Tucker, Georgia, three-star linebacker Michael Harris. Honored, Blessed and Thankful for receiving an offer from The Ohio State University # @ [...]


Meet the machines that steal your phone’s data

[...] from the public on national security grounds. Details about the devices are not disclosed on the Harris website, and marketing materials come with a warning that anyone distributing them outside law [...]


WPP boss Martin Sorrell lays into Google: 'Step up and take responsibility' for the content posted on your sites (WPPGY,...

[...] posted to its platforms. Speaking on a panel — joined by Google's UK managing director Ronan Harris — at the Festival of British Advertising in London on Friday, Sorrell said the search giant had [...]


Golf Club In Legal Issue Over Selling Memberships For Disowned Golf Course

[...] in the crossfire of a nasty legal issue. According to the Portland Press Herald, a group called Harris Golf is marketing and selling memberships to Sunday River for the 2017 season. One problem: [...]


The sixth annual Luke Walton All-Stars

[...] find in the forest,” Atkinson recalled. “He had no confidence.” Harris warmed the bench for two seasons in Cleveland before undergoing foot surgery in January 2016; the [...]


‘Coal is in decline’ and it looks like not even Donald Trump can pull the industry’s long-term future out of the fire

[...] a constraint on the gas price,” Wood Mackenzie’s principal natural gas analyst Gabe Harris said. The retirement of coal plants, he said, could lead to a “longer, more intense” [...]



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