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Henry Kissinger has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'The Atlantic' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Henry Kissinger was highly popular in November, 2016.

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The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part IV: A Financial Parasite

[...] the operation and headed the US Army Counterintelligence Corps, which later produced Henry Kissinger.  Klein diverted Marshall Plan aid to Europe to Zionist terror cells in Palestine [...]


Why did they really murder former CIA Director William Colby?

[...] guys hated him for it.  They thought it was his duty to lie.  So did Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger who fired him as CIA chief for revealing what were called “the family jewels”— [...]


One China and Wishful Thinking

[...] essaysbysean.blogspot.com “Geopolitical realists like Henry Kissinger warned at the time that this set of circumstances could not last, that international [...]


GOOGLE: The Cyber Beast Rises From The Swamp

[...] . Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, photographed in a New York elevator, carrying Henry Kissinger’s new book, “World Order”, 25 Sep 2014 Schmidt was a good foil. A late- [...]


China Preparing For Airstrike Against U.S. Military Base? The Death Of The Petrodollar And What Comes After

[...] and a new place for gold in the global monetary system. The story begins in the 1970s when Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon struck a deal with the House of Saud — a deal which gave birth to the [...]


Radiation At Fukushima At 'Unimaginable' Levels, Mysterious Wikileaks Tweets - More To Come?

[...] shuttle back and forth to that most volatile region of the world in search of peace. From Henry Kissinger to Hillary Clinton, to John Kerry, to now President Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of [...]


How Trump Averted World War III

[...] and the division of the Caspian Sea. The USACC Advisory Board consisted of these men: Dr. Henry Kissinger, James A Baker III, Lloyd Bentsen, Zibigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, John [...]


The Sinister Agenda Behind the Washington War On Cash

[...] whose chairman is former CIA Director, James Rodney Schlesinger, a close associate of Henry Kissinger. The USAID Project Catalyst in partnership with the Indian Finance Ministry was done, [...]


India – Crime of the Century – Financial Genocide

[...] a few million slaves. This is the world according to still ticking war criminal numero UNO, Henry Kissinger. Forcefully reducing the world population is his one big objective since just after WWII, [...]


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