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Howard Cosell has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel '' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Howard Cosell was highly popular in June, 2016.

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First Monday Night Football Announcers

[...] ? Trivia Question Answer For the first season of Monday Night Football, ABC’s announcers were Howard Cosell, Keith Jackson, and Don Meredith. [...]

My Killing: How I Doubled a Hamptons Real Estate Investment in Three Years

[...] at that time, and I got the offer over the phone at 10 p.m. while listening to sportscaster Howard Cosell narrate a boxing match I was watching. It was a close fight and at a very intense moment when [...]

Broadcast Throwbacks

[...] the standard costume for 1970s television sportscasters. Blame Monday Night Football, in which Howard Cosell, Don Meredith, and Frank Gifford all sported the mustard-colored jackets. Gifford served in [...]

100000 People Come Out To Honour Muhammad Ali As He Is Laid To Rest

[...] , reprised bits of his trademark comedy routine in which he imitates Ali and sportscaster Howard Cosell, an important early supporter of Ali during his most polarizing years. "He was funny, he [...]

This ‘n That 6/10/16

[...] teaches, and not according to the wisdom of this world. Down go the markets It was Howard Cosell who famously made the call “down goes Frazier!” But several big-time financial gurus [...]

Lux Lucet

Friends, loved ones, community leaders speak at memorial for Muhammad Ali

[...] of a boastful, fast-talking Ali — and his imitation of Ali’s foil, sportscaster Howard Cosell — and rhapsodized about Ali’s charisma, outspokenness and talent. He called the [...]

The True Story of When Muhammad Ali Talked A Suicidal Man Down From Jumping

[...] inside the distance in his 61 fight pro career. After the right, legendary broadcaster, Howard Cosell, interviewed Larry Holmes who had tears in his eyes which reflected a somberness not usually [...]

Muhammad Ali: career KOs, Candid Camera and his recipe for life | Classic YouTube

[...] the age of 74 last Friday, was superb value outside the ring too. Here he talks with Howard Cosell, and in 1971, he memorably sat down with Michael Parkinson, asking: “Why is Jesus [...]

Ali’s Death Exposes Establishment Double Standards – Yvonne Ridley

[...] ] the religion.” Howard Cohen, better known as the celebrated American sports commentator Howard Cosell, engaged in lots of playful banter with the sporting superstar. Unlike others, he called [...]

An Ode to Ali from a Distance

[...] ’t understand why people hated him so. I thought he was kind of funny, sparring with that Howard Cosell and all his big words. I never stopped admiring Frazier, a man of dogged determination who [...]

Boxing great, social icon Muhammad Ali dies at 74

[...] he entertained millions as he sparred verbally with the likes of bombastic sportscaster Howard Cosell. Ali once calculated that he had taken 29,000 punches to the head and made $ 57 million [...]


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