Hubby has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'GoodyFoodies' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Hubby was highly popular in November, 2016.

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The Night Before Christmas: Aldi Throw And Cushion Review...

[...] sausage rolls. Meanwhile the Children start watching Christmas films and constantly eating. The Hubby goes in panic mode thinking what presents have we got?, has everyone had the same amount?. He [...]

My Winter Travel Bucket List..

[...] and lured into booking a holiday we did not want. Neither option my idea of fun. Good job the Hubby loved his TV remote so much, (he once took it to the Doctors!! a blog post for another time!!) I [...]

”Hubby” Habjan Passes Away At 84 Years Old

[...] To reach the age of 80 in this lifetime is a milestone. For Rudolph “Hubby” Habjan, it was more than just a lifetime. He was a golf legend but not exactly the competing type. [...]

Litehouse Homestyle Ranch- it's what's for Dinner for Dad's & Grad's alike - PLUS A Giveaway

[...] before serving it on Father's Day for my husband and son.  It ended up being simply to die for. Hubby sparked up the grill as that was how we decided to cook the Chicken , but you could have just as [...]

No Power? No Problem!

[...] . I recommended always having a book (audio or otherwise) as a backup. This applied to Hubby as well, when he couldn't connect to the wifi at the gym, and it left him frustrated. We [...]


[...] car out of the house in anger and ran into a stationery vehicle on the street. According to Hubby, “Thank God no one was in the car if not she would have killed someone that day”. Now to [...]


June Bug’s Birth Story

[...] . My hopes for having a baby on D-Day and National Homebirth Day dwindled as the hours ticked by. Hubby, Little Man, and I killed time at the splash pad then had our last dinner out as a family of 3 [...]

*Review* William Sonoma Grace Cupcake Baking Class

[...] was over my daughter, who is five years old would not leave the store for more then an hour. My Hubby took her and captured all these images. He had to convince her to leave with a promise to allow [...]

Birthday Celebration with Family

[...] weekend was my birthday weekend. I wasn't expecting much, but spending time with my family (with Hubby and Little One) was all I need. It was nice not to cook at home so we went out for lunch at Shota [...]

Blueberry Rhubarb Cake

[...] fights, staying up late has all been on our agenda since last Friday. Since school was out and Hubby had a few days off, we decided to head North to visit my parents. The kids and I are staying for [...]

Elmo Says Happy Birthday !

[...] 's friends! The kids gonna be so so so excited. In actual fact, it's the momma who is excited!! Mr Hubby could just agree with it and say yes! Thank you my dear for always making my dream come true. [...]

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