Jim has been mentioned or cited more than a thousand times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'CanadaObits.ca' contains more than a hundred references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Jim was highly popular in February last year.

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DST Talks “Star Trek: Discovery” Toys, Plus Trek On Vinyl, Tikis And More New Merch

[...] and for product alerts, and follow them at @beelinecreativ on Twitter or on Instagram. Dammit Jim! #StarTrek #geekitikis #beelinecreative #captainkirk #mccoy #bones #tikimug #imadoctornotabartender [...]


Northland’s IMPULSE Smelt Minnow

[...] has gone through peaks and valleys in the Lake of the Woods and Rainey Lake. He says Al, Bill, Jim, and Ron Lindner, of Brainerd, Minnesota, and In-Fisherman and Lindner’s Angling Edge fame deserve [...]


Can You Incorpoarate Your Life? No, You Can't.

[...] come calling asking for taxes on his profits.  In a way it isn't fair, but it illustrates why the Jim's of the world need a good tax accountant. In way, your personal life is the ultimate "hobby [...]


Bacchus House LIVE Music Series, March – May 2017

[...] ~ 4THOUGHT is: Ann Roach, George Stratton, Steve Roach, and Craig Faniani Special Guest – Jim Caselli, Percussion Call for info and reservations 916 984-7500 The post Bacchus House LIVE Music [...]


Time To Change (And A New Design Contest)

[...] look from that uniform, Team USA. Time for a redesign pic.twitter.com/cVsLa3HAhT — Jim Vilk (@JimVilk) March 11, 2017 During the week, I discussed how the USA jersey and [...]


Living Sketchbook App Coming March 20

[...] , Art Order "As a Beta tester I can assure all that this is a great app - like having Jim next to you as you flip through one of his sketchbooks. And more!" —Wade Meyers The first [...]


You Have to Like Her as Much as You Love Her

[...] . But I did have, along with the tears of family and friends, a story Kara told me about how Uncle Jim embodied the habits of a man who loves forever. Kara had told me that every summer when she was a [...]


My Kids Don’t See Me As A ‘Hero’ And That’s The Way I Like It

[...] of being the coach that players will one day reflect on as a hero.” flickr / Eden, Janine and Jim I grimaced when I read that, because I knew that many coaches would read it, consider the source, [...]



Building a Software Company: A Conversation With Jim Semick

[...] representatives from each of the three companies about the problem that their product helps solve. Jim Semick, one of our co-founders, discussed how ProductPlan started after interviewing over 70 [...]


Not All Writing Books Are Created Equal – by Patricia Beal

[...] . I was scared to try but I did and it paid off. The link is acting funny, but I'm checking with Jim and should soon have something that works. Hold tight. Thanks! Intro: http://learnhowtowriteanovel. [...]


Officious officials, Champions League maulings and Calcutta Cup crackers | Classic YouTube

[...] his hamstring in the semi-finals of the 400m at the 1992 Olympics and his determined father, Jim, swats off officials to lend him a leg and get over the line. From the 1978 World Cup, there’ [...]



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