Julie has been mentioned or cited more than a thousand times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'CanadaObits.ca' contains more than a hundred references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Julie was highly popular in December, 2016.

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Restaurants With Kids Eat Free Meal Deals – 2017 Edition

[...] 10 and under get a free kids meal on Sundays at Zebbs Grill & Bar. A big thank you to Julie’s Freebies for putting together these Kids Eat Free Restaurant Deals and helping us to [...]


Say Hello To The Helena Girls

[...] , culture and lifestyle of the 1940’s, 50 & 60’s a key focus, our Head of Design Julie Hall commissioned research into the era and immersed herself in finding the right vintage [...]


Charm and Elegance in Editorial – Zankyou Editor’s Choice with Gio Rodrigues

[...] Wedding Photography Julie by Gio Rodrigues | Photo: Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography Photo: Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography [...]


5 Steps To A Better Night’s Sleep + Sleep Swag Giveaway

[...] deprivation or I can’t fall asleep! I won a lovely Sleep Swag silk eye mask from a contest on Julie’s blog last year and it has become my favorite. It’s super soft on my skin but still stays in [...]


Days Recap: Julie's delighted to learn Eli is her grandson

[...] Thursday March 9, 2017: Eli lets Julie know who he really is, Chad meets with Deimos' antiquities dealer, and Steve... [...]



Ruth Bader Ginsburg Retiring From Supreme Court To New Zealand Due To Donald Trump Is Fake News

[...] to New Zealand if @POTUS was elected..Ginsburg lied! pic.twitter.com/sl6wmqYx8w — Deplorable Julie (@djtchwjtch) February 9, 2017 On Feb. 23 2017, more than two weeks after Success Street [...]


Julie shares her SBC success

[...] Consistency…and Look at Julie go! You can do this too The photo on the left is from January 2016, the one on the right is [...]


Spring Races | Tuesdays on the Run

[...] as Disney VIP Tour Guides. A friend that will walk with you is a friend indeed! Thanks, Julie! And that’s how I ended up with the decision to do C25K. It’s a gradual walk to run program [...]


Today in Soap Opera History (March 4)

[...] ; ex-Manny, Knots Landing; ex-Jack, Falcon Crest) - 76 Leonie Norton (ex-Cindy, Another World; ex-Julie, One Life to Live; ex-Dorothy, The Nurses; ex-Kate, Love of Life) - 75 Ronn Moss (John, The Bay; [...]


Soggy Weekend Coffee Share

[...] Masterchef. Knowing JULIE was coming to the school, I was up the freeway in a flash armed with my camera and copy of her [...]


Woman’s “Top 10 Reasons I Am No Longer A Leftist” Goes Viral

[...] trying to explain this aspect of why I stopped being a leftist to a left-wing friend, Julie. She replied, “No, I’m not an unpleasant person. I try to be nice to everybody.” “Julie, [...]



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