Keil has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Element14 : All Content - All Communities' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Keil was highly popular in September, 2016.

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Embedded Systems: Real-Time Operating Systems for Arm Cortex M Microcontrollers, 2nd Edition

[...] is a web site accompanying this book Posted here are Keil uVision projects for each the example programs in the book. You will also find data sheets and [...]

Fox eBook

Learn How To Impress People Within Five Minutes Of Conversation.

[...] on your body weight and IQ. Beverly: It’s hot today. Gino: In this dimension, yes. Riz: What’s up? Keil: Washing your chicken just splatters the bacteria everywhere. 6. Give a genuine compliment [...]


Fantastic, November and December 1963: A Retro-Review

[...] via email, so that was interesting. Keil has praise for Keith Laumer and Brian Aldiss and Thomas Disch, some (generally positive) [...]

Top 8051, AVR and ARM Microcontroller Based Projects for Electronics Professionals

[...] -based projects use 8051 microcontroller, and the microcontroller programming is done by using Keil compiler. For low-cost and low-powered embedded-systems-based applications, these microcontroller- [...]



[...] Cortex® ARM®-M0 - Compatible with NuMicro NUC100, NUC120, NUC130, and NUC140 - Equipped with Keil MDK-ARM (evaluation version) - Equipped with examples along with the source code - Supports ICP ( [...]

Nu-LB-Mini51 ARM Cortex-M0

[...] serial port (DB-9). - Can be programmed using the C programming language and compiler using IAR, Keil, or CooCox CoIDE. - Get the latest information and exchange opinions about the use of the product [...]

Electronics and communication Engineer looking for vacancies as Design Engineer / Sales Engineer

[...] University of Science and Technology, Kerala, India) Have Competency in VHDL, LTSpice, DSCH, Keil, Xilinx, ModelSim, Microwind, C++, C Programming And Matlab. Interested in project design, [...]

Interfacing GPS Receiver with 8051 Microcontroller -AT89C52

[...] to display the latitude and longitude, it will continually update the GPS data, and I have used KEIL compiler to program 89C51 in Embedded C. UART in 89C51 is used here to connect GPS with [...]

Free Power Seminar on Embedded Systems at APEX

[...] from the data sheet point of view, usage of Compiler and IDE for Particular Controller (MPLAB, Keil, Proteus), Programming LED, LCD, Seven Segment, Motor Control, PWM, Real Time Clock, RS-232, I2C [...]

[QUESTION] Comments Book of Ezekiel

[...] comments. I found comments on the book of Ezekiel that belong to the 1800s such as: Fairbairn, Keil, Howell, Henderson, and others. My question is: To make a research on the Book of Ezekiel, I can [...]

Report: Exxon in the 1970s Pioneered Some Climate Research, Then Did an ‘About-Face’ on the Issue

[...] and oceanic CO2 along the route taken by one of its supertankers. Exxon spokesman Richard Keil said the project wasn’t meant to focus on CO2 but to increase “understanding of the marine carbon [...]