Koopman has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'SuppVersity - Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Koopman was highly popular in October, 2016.

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Lifestyle Dissimilarities IN Business RELATIONS:THE Circumstance OF CHINA AND AFRICA

[...] of distribution”, Industrial Internet marketing Management, Vol. 31 No.3, pp.215-28. Koopman, A. (1991), “Transcultural Management”, Oxford: Blackwell. Kovach K.A. (1987), “What [...]


What Millennials Reject Is Mutant Capitalism

[...] . For the generation who came of age during the financial crisis, argues George Koopman of the Mercatus Centre in the Wall Street Journal: “…capitalism isn’t about [...]



Why AI Makes Self-Driving Cars Hard to Prove Safe

[...] projects—with varying success because of the myriad technical obstacles that must be overcome. Koopman is one of several researchers who believe that the nature of machine learning makes verifying [...]


The Meal Timing Myth?

[...] examining the early recovery period, particularly when sufficient protein is provided. Koopman et al 52 found that after full-body resistance training, adding carbohydrate (0.15, or 0.6 [...]


The Semiotics of Fashion Photography: "Vogue 100 - A Century of Style" @ The Manchester Art Gallery

[...] Avenue penthouse apartment, and George Hoyningen-Huene's photograph of Javanese-born model Toto Koopman, descending a staircase in a dress by Augustabernard. Further highlights include a series of [...]


Cardio Can BOOST Your Gains?! Do it Before Weights and be Rewarded With 28% Increased Fiber Size & VO2 Gains

[...] of Akt and mTOR." PLoS ONE 11.2 (2016) : e0149082. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0149082 Koopman, René, et al. "Coingestion of carbohydrate with protein does not further augment [...]


Cardiotoxic: Too Much Marathon, Triathlon, Heavy Cycling Type of Exercise Might Be Bad for Heart

[...] cyclists. Eur Heart J. 2008 Jan;29(1):71-8. Epub 2007 Dec 7. Claessen G1, Colyn E, La Gerche A, Koopman P, Alzand B, Garweg C, Willems R, Nuyens D, Heidbuchel H. Long-term endurance sport is a risk [...]


The Narragansett Pacer: Where and How It Evolved, Flourished, and Died Out

[...] . Howard, Robert West. The Horse in America. Chicago:  Follett Publishing Company, 1965. Koopman, Harry. The Narragansett Country. Providence: E. L. Freeman Company, 1926. McBurney, [...]


New England Prep Hockey Season Preview and Preseason Rankings

[...] pipes. 12. Berkshire Leading the way for Dan Driscoll's team will be the offensive duo of Matt Koopman and Barclay Gammill. Koopman, a '98, is a speedster. The Northeastern commit is strong, rugged [...]


'Sharing economy' surge creates labor conundrum

[...] contractors, "the sharing economy could be stopped in its tracks," said Christopher Koopman, a research fellow at George Mason University's Mercatus Center. "We would not see the [...]


Red & Yellow ‘creative hustle’ for Mandela Day (video)

[...] connections to empower local NGOs and to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds,” says Kira Koopman, who organised the event along with the Outreach team at Red & Yellow. “Good marketing is [...]



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