Mccleary has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Shift Washington' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Mccleary was highly popular in September, 2016.

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Democrats voted against lowering taxes in their districts today

[...] schools richer and poor schools poorer. Democrats refuse to look for an actual solution to the McCleary decision and insist upon relying upon inequitable levies to fund education. State Rep. [...]

New Music: Surfer Blood – “Six Flags In F Or G”

[...] ’s absence and the weight of getting older. Featuring a talented new lineup that sees Michael McCleary on guitar and Lindsey Mills on bass — both high school classmates of Pitts and drummer Tyler [...]

A tale of two ST3 appeals

[...] duty,” but ST3 will suck up so much property tax capacity that it will make meeting the McCleary decision much more difficult. “Our moonshot plan shouldn’t be light rail to Issaquah [in 2041]. [...]

Will Supreme Court follow precedent – or politics?

[...] in contempt for not following its orders in the public schools’ financing case known as the McCleary decision to its plagiarized opinion declaring charter schools unconstitutional last year. Court [...]

Sound Transit just one of many grabbing for your property taxes

[...] ” the legislature’s work on public school funding next year to satisfy the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision. Further, the editorialists also remind voters that “the stack of property taxes on [...]

Football: 2016 High School Fall Sports Preview

[...] Will Przystup. Other players to watch on offense could include running back Xandr’e McCleary and quarterback Marco Weimer. Look for the linebacker corps to include Solomon Grouse, Ja’ [...]

Enough is enough – Sound Transit goes too far, asks for too much

[...] for those, he said. “And if lawmakers choose later to boost property taxes — to meet the McCleary court order for adequate school funding — there might not be enough tax capacity within legal [...]

Desperate already, Democrats level absurd attack on GOP

[...] that “he put the cuts in the proposal to bring attention to how much money is needed to fund McCleary.” Like either of those statements make any sense. It’s due to the Senate Republican majority [...]

Democrats push to deplete K-12 education funding for special interests agenda

[...] , especially considering the need to meet obligations outlined in the State Supreme Court’s McCleary decision. Via, “House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan (D-Kent) [...]

Four less-than-productive ways Inslee spends his time

[...] of finding a solution for fully funding K-12 education, as per the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision. Inslee missed four out of the five meetings that he scheduled. Instead, [...]

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