Megg has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Club Penguin Reveals' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Megg was highly popular in August, 2015.

Recent News
Club Penguin EXCLUSIVE: Migrator To Return For Holiday Party 2015?

[...] Super Secret… therefore it won’t be here for the Holiday Party, but the other Migrator will! Megg has just confirmed that the old Migrator will return for the Holiday Party, but how will that [...]

Club Penguin Blog- Project: Super Secret… Welcome!

[...] Remember the new Project Super Secret sneak peek Megg promised at the beginning of the month? It’s here! Hi Penguins! Wouldn’t it be great if we had [...]

Club Penguin Blog- Extreme Paint Festival Announcement

[...] Megg has posted on the What’s New Blog regarding the new Extreme Paint Festival! Here’s what she said: [...]

Club Penguin Reunion Highlights

[...] . I figured I would check around the server to see if any other staff members were online. I found Megg, and Deamama! Megg! (Can not locate Deamama in this photo) I did not take a photo of Deamama, [...]

Megg’s Fashion Festival Silly Fashion Stage Cake & Rainbow Puffle Cake

[...] Hello Penguins! Last week, Megg made not 1, but 2 Club Penguin Cakes and posted a photo of each cake on Twitter. I saw the photo [...]

SNEAK PEEK of Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary Party

[...] New Blog. Here’s Megg’s post: Hi Penguins, Our 10th Anniversary is SO SOON!!! As you know, 10 years is a pretty big deal [...]

Club Penguin Blog- Watch Club Penguin Monster Beach Party On Disney Channel!

[...] About time! Megg’s posted air times for the new special Monster Beach Party, for viewers in the US. Here they are: [...]

Club Penguin: Penguins Can Sign In To Comment SOON!

[...] impostor! Well, you guys do have a point (and great spot by the way) but we looked in to it, and Megg later replies to an another individual stating that it was just a bug and it has resumed to being [...]

Club Penguin Blog: Celebrate International Cat Day with PH!

[...] Hey penguins! Megg has posted some PH meetup times on the blog, for the upcoming International Cat Day. Here’s her [...]

Club Penguin Blog: The Throwback Party

[...] On July 29th, Megg made a blog post announcing that Club Penguin’s 10 year anniversary party will be very special. [...]

Club Penguin Blog: What to Expect at the Fashion Festival

[...] Megg has published a new blog post, officially announcing this month’s party! Here’s what she wrote: [...]


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