Merlin has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Aura Real Estate Experts' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Merlin was highly popular in January, 2017.

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Lone Star Will Sell Up To 60% Of Neinor When It Goes Public

[...] become the third largest real estate company on the Spanish stock market, behind only Merlin (with a capitalisation of €5,000 million) and Colonial (€2,450 million) and ahead of [...]

Knudson’s Six-Pax: Recapturing The Magic: Can Johnson Join Short List of HoF Players Turned Successful Sports Execs?

[...] there have been very few to reach elite status on the field AND in the chief executive’s seat. MERLIN SHOULD HAVE BEEN NBA GM In more current times, Larry Bird has done okay in a front office [...]

Will 2017 Be The Year Of Mergers Between The Socimis?

[...] debuting on the stock market in recent years. Heading up the list of Socimis, by size, are Merlin – the only real estate company whose shares are traded on the Ibex – Hispania, Lar España and [...]

The 4 Largest Socimis Will Specialise By Asset Type

[...] assets on the market, and at the same time, will continue to buy up hotels. (…). Meanwhile, Merlin has taken steps to divest its residential and hotel assets, transferring them to Testa and [...]

Irea: Investors Spent €184M On 8 Hotels In Málaga In 2016

[...] projects. The Hotel Tryp Málaga Alameda changed hands for the second time in less than a year. Merlin Properties, which recently purchased a portfolio containing several hotels in Spain, including [...]

Merlin Buys Torre Agbar In Barcelona For €142M

[...] 13 January 2017 – Cinco Días The company General Aguas de Barcelona has sold Torre Agbar to Merlin Properties for €142 million. As such, the project announced by Emin Capital in 2013 to convert [...]


[...] New World—even that America was Atlantis itself. Dee saw Elizabeth as the living Arthur; himself, Merlin. He formed a company to colonize, convert and exploit the Americas, even to open a northeast [...]

Merlin Finalises The Sale Of Its Hotels For €500M+

[...] 28 December 2016 – Merlin, a company listed on the Ibex 35, is finalising the sale of its hotels to the French Socimi [...]

Forgotten Roddenberry: Spectre

[...] and lopsided smile. On landing in London, William and Ham head for the home of a Dr. Qualus at #3 Merlin’s Muse. Qualus has been working with the Cyon family and observing their bizarre behavioral [...]

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