Millie has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel '' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Millie was highly popular in November, 2016.

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Abby's Journey (Review and Giveaway)

[...] her travel journals. Despite her father’s objections, Abby and Millie embark on a journey of discovery in which Abby will learn secrets that force her to reevaluate [...]

Mildred Dresselhaus, IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient Known as the "Queen of Carbon," Dies at 86

[...] that were ultimately developed into buckyballs and nanotubes—invigorated the field. “Millie Dresselhaus began life as the child of poor Polish immigrants in the Bronx; by the [...]

A thorough look into the journey of ‘The Alan Dimension’ as its BAFTA dream nears climax

[...] ? I have mentioned Jon and Millie. After developing the idea with them, we pitched to all the departments in the school: Production [...]

Chewy Moon- Healthy Snack Box Review + Giveaway

[...] with the healthy options that you can get from this box and it's a thumbs up from my Daughter Millie. Alfie also loved the cool brain busting facts whilst tucking into his fruits mix, it was a [...]

Interview (Part 4): Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey (2016 Nicholl Winners)

[...] characters? Spencer: They were the first two characters. Lloyd: Yes. Scott: Who was next? Was it Millie or Ben? Lloyd: It definitely would have been Ben. It was about the nexus of this relationship [...]

I’ll Have What She’s Wearing! Millie Mackintosh

[...] Millie Mackintosh is the quintessential Chelsea girl: classy, polished and chic. We’ve had a major style [...]

Interview (Part 3): Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey (2016 Nicholl Winners)

[...] . I think that’s his hamster wheel. Lloyd: Yeah. He’s stuck. Scott: Then there’s Millie, who really, of the triangle between Jean and Ben, she’s the third part of that. [...]

Chelsea Clinton has an important message to people criticizing Barron Trump: Stop.

[...] commentator Rush Limbaugh attacked Clinton on his somewhat short-lived TV show, comparing her to Millie, the outgoing White House dog. In 2014, Elizabeth Lauten, then-communications director for Rep. [...]

Name Help: Does This Girl Name Sound Like a Boy Name?

[...] called Vee. It’s as tailored as Charlotte, and nearly as popular. Amelia, called Millie – It’s clear you really like names like Alex and Sam and Charlie for girls, but I [...]

Zoya Charming Spring 2017 Preview!

[...] blossom pink cream. Abby (ZP887): a light lavender cream. Tina (ZP888): a medium amethyst cream. Millie (ZP889): a dewy violet micro-sparkle. Lacey (ZP890): a light dewy green micro-sparkle. Amira ( [...]

Obituaries — 1-2-17

[...] Raysor May, V; a multitude of loving nieces, nephews and cousins; as well as her beloved cat, Millie. She was a graduate of Rock Springs High School and King’s Business College. At age fifty, she [...]


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