Mohd Ali Rustam

Mohd Ali Rustam has been mentioned or cited less than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Malaysia Today - Your Source of Independent News' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Mohd Ali Rustam was highly popular in October, 2015.

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Sanctified stealing is okay in UMNO

[...] economic rise and the growth of a robust middle class. ALSO READ THIS Failed politician, Mohd Ali Rustam , who insultingthe rulers? But the prospect of ethnic strife and resentment fueled by [...]

Failed politician, Mohd Ali Rustam , who insultingthe rulers?

[...] votes. There is a fundamental contradiction in the way Najib and the failed politician, Mohd Ali Rustam  look at politics and what it is meant to achieve. They are two of an unkind. The [...]

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