Reddy has been mentioned or cited more than a thousand times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'BioTecNika - World's First & Largest BioSciences Professional Network' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Reddy was highly popular in December, 2016.

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Phytic Acid: The ‘Anti-Nutrient’ Scientifically Shown To Help Your Bones And Your Health

[...] Feb 13;74(13):1691-700. Web; 8Xu Q, Kanthasamy AG, Reddy MB. “Neuroprotective effect of the natural iron chelator, phytic acid in a cell culture model of [...]

Freda Love Smith (the Blake Babies) Plans to March for ‘I Am Women’ Everywhere

[...] the song was selected to run behind the opening credits for the 1972 film Stand and Be Counted. Reddy’s record label wanted to be prepared with a radio-ready single, in case the movie hit big; they [...]

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