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Roger Williams has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Online Review of Rhode Island History' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Roger Williams was highly popular in January, 2017.

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Washington’s Open Letter of March 12, 1790 to American Catholics

[...] of belief—an achievement that is our greatest contribution to world civilization.  Roger Williams, its early advocate, aptly described it as “Soul Liberty.” [Banner image:  George [...]

There is an IRS State Church

[...] of examples from the same source. In the bitter cold winter of 1638, … puritans banned Roger Williams from Massachusetts for his Baptist beliefs and leaving his wife and children he escaped to [...]

Albert Klyberg in Retrospect

[...] The Papers of General Nathanael Greene and the two-volume edition of The Correspondence of Roger Williams proved that he did not neglect the earlier period of Rhode Island history. Al Klyberg in the [...]

NFL to End Pinktober, Expand Cancer-Awareness Program

[...] and TCU helmets? That’s a year-old shot of Congressmen Ryan Zinke (R-Montana) and Roger Williams (R-Texas) just prior to last season’s Alamo Bowl. Zinke, who’s reportedly about to [...]

Rhode Island’s Founding Documents: The Rhode Island Patent of February 1643/44 and the Acts and Orders of 1647

[...] to forestall the exorbitant land claims of the incipient New England Confederation, Roger Williams journeyed to a troubled England in 1643 to secure a patent that would unite the settlements [...]

Walter Massie, a Remarkable Wireless Radio Pioneer

[...] late l930’s, after Marconi’s death, a campaign was undertaken to build a memorial for him at Roger Williams Park. World War II interrupted the effort and the memorial was not dedicated until 1953. [...]

Ebenezer Knight Dexter: An Enduring Legacy to the People of Providence

[...] well over one hundred specimens. Some, such as the statue of President Abraham Lincoln in Roger Williams Park and the Memorial to World War II in War Veterans Park, represent people and events that [...]

Sissieretta Jones, Providence’s Famous Soprano

[...] are gone now. Even the street name has changed. Today the street (located below the statue of Roger Williams in Prospect Terrace Park) is called Pratt Street. In 2012, the Rhode Island Black Heritage [...]

The Lively Experiment: Rhode Island Road Trip Report

[...] perfect slogan for them — one that I’ve been wanting them to use for years now. When Roger Williams founded Rhode Island on the principle of religious tolerance in 1663, his endeavor [...]

Top 20 Greatest Rhode Islanders of All Time: Counting Down from Number 5 to 1

[...] . Massasoit befriended both the Pilgrims when they settled at Plymouth in 1620 and later Roger Williams at Providence. Metacomet (or Metacom), or King Philip as he became better known among whites, [...]

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