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Southern Fury / Arsenal – 9 Movies That Changed Their Titles!

[...]  3000 sounded too much like a science fiction flick, so they changed it to the name of the Roy Orbison song that plays during the film’s memorable shopping montage. Pretty Woman is undoubtedly a [...]

Talkhouse Playlist: Drone Pieces and Classic Singers with Mood Tattooed

[...] . Angel’s voice is monumental. In my mind, she is on par with singers like Loretta Lynn and Roy Orbison. A nod must also be made to the producer John Congleton. His ear for separation and space in a [...]

Pulling Focus: Blue Velvet (1986)

[...] Ben, a pimp, facilely postures graciousness as he takes Frank’s request to mime Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams”––and very nearly usurps Hopper for title of deranged lunatic of the film. [...]

12 Best Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee

[...] the recording home of classical musical icons Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Chet Adkins, Roy Orbison and much more, touring through the RCA Studio B is the highlight of any music lover’s [...]

Beautiful Dreamer: Violin by Stephen Foster

[...] Beautiful Dreamer, a well known ballad sung by Bing Crosby and Roy Orbison, amongst many others. For Violin and Piano. [...]

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