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Charm and Elegance in Editorial – Zankyou Editor’s Choice with Gio Rodrigues

[...]  assisting in photography and Ricardo Teixeira on video. Photo: Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography Hotel Intercontinental | Photo: Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography Photo: [...]

Protein Oxidation 101: 8 Simple Rules to Minimize PROTOX and Maximize the Proven Benefits of High(er) Protein Diets

[...] : Influence of muscle on oxidative processes." Meat science 86.3 (2010): 665-673. Ganhão, Rui, David Morcuende, and Mario Estévez. "Protein oxidation in emulsified cooked burger patties [...]

Football Manager 2016 Best Coaches

[...] P / C / GC 0.5 4.5 Alexandre Irineu 40 - C / FC 0 4.5 Broich, Holger 40 Bayern FC 2.4 4.5 Faria, Rui 40 Chelsea FC 15 4.5 Krehmic, Elvir 40 - C 0 4.5 Eduardo Maus 41 - C 0 4.5 Ronny Silva 41 - C / FC [...]

FM Scout

Design Links: A Chain of Creative Inspiration, Part 9

[...] in all imaginable areas, and he is also impressive in his production. Someone is quite hungry. Rui´s world has some interesting inhabitants. They all seem to be part of a complex fairytale, or in [...]

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    Start small, think BIG Do It Yourself (DIY), How To... and a lot of Photography tips. By Rui M. Leal