Saenchai has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Muay Thai PROS' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Saenchai was highly popular in November, 2016.

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Learning To Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Fundamentals

[...] strikes is the most important skill you can develop. Do you know what makes a fighter like Saenchai so good? Is it Saenchai’s flashy moves and tricky combos? What makes Saenchai so good is [...]

Lumpinee Champion Sam-A Demonstrates Next Level Skills in Sparring

[...] but there are a handful of those guys who can be classified as next level. Most people recognize Saenchai, for his next level talents, but another fighter on this list is Muay Thai Champion Sam-A from [...]

How To Come Back Stronger After a Loss – 4 Steps to Success

[...] aren’t the best in their respective sports? No, it doesn’t. If the best Muay Thai fighter Saenchai, has over 50 losses in his career, how many losses do you think you will accumulate over [...]

Why I Will Never Watch Another THAI FIGHT Show Again

[...] , doesn’t mean that name is going to intimidate their opponent anymore. What about the Legend Saenchai? Now logically you would think that adding Saenchai to any show would make it amazing. But your [...]

How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves: The Ultimate Guide

[...] style of boxing glove made in Thailand (the owner is Italian). They are famous for sponsoring Saenchai and as such, you’ll see them in the Media quite often. The quality of Yokkao is so so, however, [...]

An Interview with Muay Thai Fighter Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu

[...] difference between being respectful and just staring doe-eyed, or thinking someone is perfect. Saenchai seems like this, a lot of these top champions are still just big kids in the gym, full of the [...]

10 Reasons Why Littewada Is a Muay Thai Superstar

[...] at a distance, he can hang with the best in any area of the game, including the clinch. While Saenchai is now dominating most facebook feeds, I wanted to expose you to another talent that is in [...]

The 5 Keys to Being Successful in the Muay Thai Clinch

[...] is slightly off balanced and executing a sweep is a sure way to send them to the ground. Saenchai demonstrates how you can off balance an opponent in this clip below: Notice how Saenchai uses [...]

Saenchai’s Influence Even Bleeds Over into WWE

[...] The influence of Saenchai is almost impossible to ignore at this point. Like we talked about before, he called out UFC [...]

Best muay thai fighter has called out Conor McGregor!

[...] This could be insane! Muay Thai great Saenchai is interested in making a move to MMA. Saenchai is known for his incredible leg dexterity and flashy technique. Having fought in over 300 fights [...]

Learning How To Read Your Next Muay Thai Opponent

[...] to reduce your nerves and allow you to use your head. When you look at high level fighters like Saenchai or Yodsanklai fight, these fighters have so much experience that they can read their opponents [...]