Shami Chakrabarti

Shami Chakrabarti has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Tony Greenstein's Blog' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Shami Chakrabarti was highly popular in August, 2016.

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Jewish Socialist Group Cowardice Over the Zionists' Racist Attacks on Jackie Walker

[...] “zios”. On this specific issue the JSG completely agrees with the view expressed by Shami Chakrabarti in her report. Re Jon Lansman: JSG members are also active individually in a range [...]

Fake Zionist 'charity' the Campaign Against 'Anti-Semitism' is Supported by Daily Mail

[...] sole concern is smearing people like Jeremy Corbyn, Baroness Tonge, Gerald Kaufman, Shami Chakrabarti, Jackie Walker and even Israeli Anti-Zionist Professor Moshe Machover.  The wonder is [...]

Brexit: Where are we, eight months on from EU referendum?

[...] ; back to the lower chamber with amendments over the next fortnight, while Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti said the Lords are looking to guarantee parliamentary votes on the final deal and to [...]

Campaign Against Anti-Semitism tries to intimidate to remove Petition criticising them

[...] allegations that Jeremy Corbyn is personally anti-Semitic, their attacks on Jackie Walker, Shami Chakrabarti and Gerald Kaufman, have nothing whatsoever to do with charitable activities and are highly [...]

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism Smears Veteran Israeli Anti-Zionist Professor Moshe Machover

[...] were also attacked by the CAA. There are 29 entries for that well-known anti-Semite Shami Chakrabarti - the Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti, who conducted an Inquiry into anti-Semitism [...]

The Myth of Increased Anti-Semitic Attacks & the Creation of a False Media Narrative

[...] the subject of an ‘anti-Semitic’ incident and this too is to be treated at face value. Shami Chakrabarti was faced with this dilemma, when Zionists in the Labour Party started alleging that [...]

This is Zionism - The Demolition of Umm al-Hiran

[...] moved in for a spot of ethnic cleansing Racism and Zionism are like Siamese Twins Shami Chakrabarti, who was enlisted by Jeremy Corbyn to write a report on racism and anti-Semitism [...]

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome – Labour & the False Anti-Semitism Narrative

[...] to fight the Left then it’s better as part of a supposedly ‘anti-racist’ politics. Shami Chakrabarti's Report on racism and anti-Semitism fell between 2 stools - the Zionists first [...]

“Antisemitism in the United Kingdom”

[...] the Labour Party and personally to its Leader. D. The Committee unjustifiably dismisses the Shami Chakrabarti Report primarily on the basis of innuendo without taking proper account of the reputation [...]

Opposing Parliament’s Racist Witch-hunt of Malia Bouattia

[...] attacks against twice elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti, judgment is also reserved for Ms Bouattia. It claims that she has “failed to take [...]

As the Guardian's 'anti-Semitism' campaign against Corbyn continues its time to BOYCOTT the Guardian

[...] of explaining what it is he disagreed with in the Report he insinuates that the elevation of Shami Chakrabarti to the House of Lords was the payment of a bribe .  The Chakrabarti Report was a serious [...]


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