Shan has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel '' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Shan was highly popular in March, 2017.

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Shantaram, alone and lost in mental illness

[...] was to prove a lifelong interest, thanks in part to Terry, a ham radio enthusiast. He helped Shan put together a crystal radio for a JCS science fair, and it was labeled “Talking Rocks.” At home, [...]

Father’s Day Giveaway – Trim Healthy Mama Isn’t Just for Women!

[...] benefit from this healthy lifestyle. Just check out Jen’s (from A Home With Purpose) husband Shan’s progress after just one week! Be sure to follow along to watch his progress, too. Even [...]

Where Does the Thai Language Come From?

[...] . It belongs to the Tai-Kadai language family, which is also represented with the Lao, Shan, and Zuang languages. It is [...] The post Where Does the Thai Language Come From? appeared [...]

of the Mermaid: a fun movie with a not too preachy message of environmental awareness

[...] Liu Xuan trying desperately to convey the idea of a mermaid to two disbelieving, pedantic cops and Shan getting repeatedly thwarted as she tries to attack Liu. There are also throwaway jokes, such as [...]


First Look at December’s “Death Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives”

[...] tragically before his time. Now, after a perilous trip through the underworld, Shan and Hwen have been reunited…but Hwen is still an intangible spirit of the dead – incapable of [...]

Aug 7-15 (Wah Chee, Pomelo Fashion, Mrs Pho)

[...] her puppy, Skippy. I got her a food bowl! Cos i'm her baby's Godmama hehe. Long time no see, Shan. Oyster Meesua from Shih Lin Next day's lunch. Meesoto. Not nice... Or they diluted the soup [...]

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