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Steven Cooper has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel '"Mothers Against Wind Turbines™" Phoenix Rising…' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Steven Cooper was highly popular in July, 2016.

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Malicious Torture: Macarthur Wind Farm Neigbours Continue to Suffer, as AGL Dodges Damning Acoustic Evidence

[...] Annie Gardner 7 January 2017 For over two years now I have been requesting AGL engage Steven Cooper of The Acoustic Group in Sydney (who carried out the Cape Bridgewater wind farm study) to [...]

2016 Australian of the Year Awards, by STT

[...] and methodical, Steven Cooper is the acoustican’s acoustician. Motivated by the ethical responsibilities that are attached [...]

Love those Aussies! They are Tearing Down the Windweasel’s Fortress!

[...] in anything. One of the stand-out contributions to the inquiry was the evidence by acoustician Steven Cooper about his study of the Cape Bridgewater wind farm, commissioned by developer Pacific Hydro. [...]

Some People Are Very Slow to see the Truth! Wind Energy is USELESS!

[...] only to themselves and speculated on by others, Pacific Hydro agreed, and negotiated with Steven Cooper, to participate with six residents, of whom I was one, in acoustic testing for a period of [...]

Corrupt Wind Industry Treats People Like Trash!

[...] – largely ignoring and dismissing them – Pac Hydro was eventually forced by residents to engage Steven Cooper to carry out some proper acoustic testing. Cooper’s work – properly described as [...]

Dr. Robert McMurtry Tells Australian Senate Inquiry About Adverse Health Effects From Wind Turbines!

[...] a missed opportunity. We absolutely should be doing the sort of work that has been done by Steven Cooper, where he looked at six people in three homes. They were adversely affected. You have to study [...]

Dr. Sarah Laurie sticks up for Victims of Bad Gov’t Policies, re: Wind Turbines!

[...] and for some it is the sensations that they feel, which might be correlated to vibrations. Steven Cooper’s work down at Cape Bridgewater went into that in the most considerable detail of anyone in [...]

Wind Turbine Host, “Tells All” at Australian Government Inquiry! Brilliant!

[...] been in contact with some acousticians who have given us some guidance, one of those being Steven Cooper. Senator URQUHART: Mr Lyons, can I ask you how many members you have in your awareness group? [...]

The Truth About Wind Turbines Being Brought To Light, in Australia

[...] the information out into the public domain. Senator URQUHART: In your submission you mention Steven Cooper’s study from the Cape Bridgewater wind farm. Do you believe this was a scientifically valid [...]

The Wind Industry Lies, and Then Pays Their Useful Idiots to Back Them Up!

[...] Wind Turbines, a consequence of being stimulated by low frequency noise and infrasound. Steven Cooper’s research at Cape Bridgewater along with NASA’s research done years ago by Neil Kelley, [...]

Australian Senate Committee Recommends More Research on Infrasound, Produced by Wind Turbines!

[...] ) from wind turbines on human health. A 2014 pilot study conducted by acoustician Mr Steven Cooper found a correlation between infrasound emitting from turbines at Cape Bridgewater [...]


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