Tom has been mentioned or cited more than a thousand times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel '' contains more than a hundred references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Tom was highly popular in January last year.

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Politics, Religion (Tall Table) - Immigrants

[...] Mom accidentally discovers his stash. While lighting up a cigarette, Dad tells Tom of the dangers of pot smoking. Tom decides to go out into the world and find out the truth. He [...]

Pulling Focus: A History of Violence (2005)

[...] he kills the two men after they bully a waitress and try to rob the restaurant. Tom’s lethal reprisal thrusts him into the spotlight––Millbrook, Indiana is the kind of sleepy town [...]

WASILEWSKI, Richard “Ricky”

[...] on the way.  Dear brother of Larry (Betty), Bernice (John), Barbara (Dan), Patty (Tom) and the late Joe. Beloved and devoted son of the late Cecelia and Frank. Cremation has taken [...]

Good Friends Are Hard to Come By

[...] upstairs. I was sitting in a chair in the bedroom, and he looked over at me and said-"Tom, that bed is a mess." I asked if he wanted me to make it. He said "yes please." So I [...]

Alphabet Chief Leaves after Running Project Loon for 6 Months

[...] that the project has lost its leader just six months after he signed up for the job. Tom Moore, a satellite executive that took on the role of CEO for the project has decided to [...]


Hanoi Nightlife Guide (2017) - Vietnam

[...]  until late, behind closed doors (to keep the police away). Temple Bar is open until 3AM. Tom's Bar until 4AM-5AM. Ball Bar 4 and Long Play (LP) until at least 5AM. Hotels near Hanoi [...]

Amid leadership race, NDP finds itself at a crossroads — again

[...] then on appeared more likely to be able to beat Stephen Harper, Chow said. “The NDP with Tom was trapped. It was a no-win situation,” she said. Either way, many in the party feel that [...]

And Then We Were Three…

[...] , go for a walk with more coffee and then I’d run/walk/motorbike/drive to a yoga class while Tom continued to work and afterwards we’d eat a late breakfast/early lunch, you know what, we’ll just [...]

Siem Reap Vegan Villa

[...] Seeking Skies). (Read about Tom and Amy’s time in Siem Reap here) But non vegan people are more than welcome too and we’ve had a [...]

Talking Tom Gold Run

[...] out the new running world on Hawaii with Hawaiian Hank! NEON LIGHTS AND CITY SIGHTS! Join Talking Tom and run together with him in fabulous Las Vegas! RUN FAST WITH COWBOY TOM Yeehaw, a new special [...]

Irish Rugby Football Union : Peat And Tyrrell Tries Set Up Grand Slam Decider For Ireland Women

[...] following a hard-fought 12-7 win over Wales in Cardiff. Their fourth victory of the campaign gives Tom... [...]


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