Yao has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Cryptology ePrint Archive' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Yao was highly popular in February last year.

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International Business Machines : Patent Issued for Near-Chip Compliant Layer for Reducing Perimeter Stress during Assem...

[...] Schultz, Mark D. (Ossining, NY); Takken, Todd E. (Brewster, NY); Tian, Shurong (Mount Kisco, NY); Yao, Yuan (Tarrytown, NY), filed on December 9, 2015, was published online on February 14,... http:// [...]


Every NBA season: 10 words or less

[...] Lakers-Kings series. Iverson talks about practice. 2002-03 | Hornets move to New Orleans. Yao debuts. Spurs win title. 2003-04 | LeBron makes debut. Pistons win title. Shaq, Kobe break [...]


The 10 Most Obnoxious NBA All-Star Game Kicks

[...] stands out the most is the Sunshine pair he wore for the 2001 All-Star Game. Nike Shox Supremacy (Yao Ming, 2003) Before he wore Reebok for the rest of his career, 2016 Hall Of Fame inductee Yao Ming [...]


Scientists have confirmed a brand new phase of matter: time crystals

[...] because it is one of the first examples of non-equilibrium matter,” said lead researcher Norman Yao from the University of California, Berkeley. “For the last half-century, we have been exploring [...]


A key figure just presented China with a nasty choice for its economy

[...] up without hurting trade flows and thus the real economy," Societe Generale economist Wei Yao said in a note to clients this week. Yao also shared this chart. It shows that the farther the yuan [...]



Ultimate Guide to Chiang Mai: Thailand’s Cultural Paradise

[...] they don’t use MSG or other preservatives, and they don’t even have a microwave. The owner, Yao, also gives cooking classes at Pun Pun organic farm. She’s lived on the farm for seven [...]


Penang 4 days 3 nights trip, Nov 2016

[...] of pig including pig brain by default! Pig brain dont taste nice, it is floury… went to Sister Yao Char Koay Kak again, it is that good, for me anyway having piping hot egg tart while tapao-ing the [...]


The Chinese city that makes the world's flags knew Trump would win

[...] China, handles a huge portion of the world's flag orders. In an interview with a local TV station, Yao Dan Dan, who runs a small factory making flags for export to U.S. retailers, said there were far [...]


Apple : Patent Issued for Image Data Correction for VCOM Error (USPTO 9472158)

[...] Lin, Hung Sheng (San Jose, CA); Wang, Chaohao (Sunnyvale, CA); Lee, Szu-Hsien (San Jose, CA); Yao, Weijun (San Jose, CA); Li, Yingxuan (Saratoga, CA); Choi,... http://www.4-traders.com/APPLE-INC- [...]


MDL Group A preview: Newbee's 9K MMR mid Sccc to face Team Secret

[...] Newbee's Song 'Sccc' Chun could be the biggest player to come out of China since Yao 'Maybe' Lu broke into the scene, and tomorrow the new Team Secret will face him in the MDL in Sccc' [...]


Iverson's candor, Shaq's barbs steal HOF show

[...] “Then one game he hit me with a Hakeem Olajuwon bang-bang fadeaway. I said, ‘Hey, Yao, nice move.’ He said, ‘Thanks, my brother.’ I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You speak English?’ He [...]