al-Ghazali has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'The Muslim Times' contains less than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, al-Ghazali was highly popular in January, 2017.

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Rosmah proves that at 65 she never too old to have fun

[...] . [4] According to Ahmad bin Hanbal (d. 855), even male slaves could take concubines, [5] and al-Ghazali (d. 1111) approved of men using birth control to prevent their slaves from gaining the rights [...]

10 Great Philosophical Movies That Question Reality

[...] ’s time, if not earlier. All of philosophy is troubled by these questions, from Plato to al-Ghazali to Descartes to Gilbert Harman. Dealing with higher realities, perceived causal sequences, [...]

Omar Mullick (These Birds Walk) Talks Caveh Zahedi’s Digging My Own Grave: The Films of Caveh Zahedi

[...] in the public gaze? Or would that mean stepping out of the public gaze like Al-Ghazali? Watch these films. You decide. If Caveh is right, the path to sainthood goes through the [...]

Welcoming Ramadaan

Welcoming Ramadaan

[...] of other acts of worship, is for Him? Is not our prayer and charity for His sake as well? Al-Ghazali writes that Allah has given the action of fasting an extra degree of honour, by attributing it [...]

Misogyny — Islam's Deep Ingrained Hatred of Women

[...] and not go outside much to visit friends. The greatest Muslim after Mohammad (philosopher al-Ghazali 1058-1111) defined woman's role in Islam: Rule of thumb, she should never talk about her family [...]

Allah 'Unlimited' by Reason?

[...] , October 1, 2013): In its Muslim form, [theological voluntarism] . . . seems to be rooted in al-Ghazali and in Ibn Hazm, to whom Benedict referred. In Islam, the notion that God is limited by [...]

Book Review: Scattered Pictures, Reflections Of An American Muslim

[...] of educational attainment.” Imam Shakir poses how we have in our tradition the likes of Imam al-Ghazali who was not only able to master and refute arguments of advanced philosophers but who was also [...]


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