Egal has been mentioned or cited more than a dozen times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Somaliland Monitor' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Egal was highly popular in July, 2015.

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Dear Chairperson Bihi, the Last Castle: A Letter from “Distant” Maternal Uncle

[...] on you”. Bring about their anathema regime downfall. “Your cousin and the late leader Egal is turning over in his grave” Don’t just leave the party hanging like ex-political [...]

Refugees from Yemen’s Conflict Put Heavy Strain on Fragile Somaliland

[...] cent of the central government’s 2015 budget. He estimated a $250m loss for the private sector. Mr Egal said the government is still discussing ways to make up for this significant revenue deficit. [...]

Somalia Political Strategies Benefit Somalia President, Aim to Cripple Somaliland

[...] other marginalized clans that are traditionally passive in this political chess game. If president Egal, PBUH, managed to equip, train and arm RRA, the former Rahanwein Resistance Army, in 1990s to [...]

SOMALILAND: The Unethical Practices of Bashe Awil, President Silanyo’s Son-In-Law

[...] Somaliland’s previous government ministers talked about the conversation between president Egal and himself, he said, one day the president called me and ordered me to terminate one of [...]

Why The EU Should Be Tough on Somaliland’s Unpopular Regime?

[...] needs break from politics. He declared to quit politics out of fear of the late charismatic leader Egal who assigned him for dirty tasks and ultimately buried him alive politically. He was lonely fox. [...]

SOMALILAND: President Silanyo Opens Kuwaiti-Funded Egal Airport Runway Extension

[...] President Silanyo while officially cutting the ribbon symbolizing the opening of Hargeisa’s Egal International Airport runway extension By Abdirisak Itaqile Hargeisa, (Somaliland Monitor) -After [...]

SOMALILAND: After 4 Years of Fiasco, What Would You Celebrate in The Next May 18?

[...] to their fathers’ ex-masters are surrounded by ministers with suspicious background whom Pres. Egal and Riyale vowed to distance them from the system not to desecrate. The systematic infiltration of [...]

Why Somaliland in 4 years’ Time Became Regional Pariah Explained

[...] of Somaliland. “The main opposition party, Kulmiye, was created hastily after the death of Pres. Egal so that its leader, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, could run for the presidency in 2003…The party’s [...]

CLASH OF CLANS: CW wegen eines Skelettes verloren! ✭ Let’s Play Clash of Clans [Deutsch/German HD]

[...] habt richtig gehört! Wir haben den letzten CW wegen eines Skelettes verloren! WIE? Seht selbst… Egal ob Angriffsstrategien, Base Reviews, Umbautipps oder Updatevideos. Jeder COC-Fan… [...]

SOMALIA: The Mogadishu Root cause Conflicts between the Presidents and the Prime Ministers

[...] was the reason behind the political assassination of President Sharmarke, because Prime Minister Egal was a powerful Prime Minister, who fully controlled the government at the time. Although, some [...]

The Poisoned, Putrid Polity of Somalia

[...] and internment of President Shermarke in October 1969 the Government of Prime Minister Egal was, on the eve of the military takeover, openly distributing large amounts of money – unashamedly, [...]


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