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Joined the Marathon

Joined the Marathon

[...] for tea time after at a nearby cafe :) Oh little blessings in life. Alhamdulillah for everything! Imma happy girl :))))) [...]

Alia Ishak

Updating My Autumn/Winter Wardrobe: Asos Curve

[...] standard. I actually AM above average as a size 20/22 so I am shopping from the Curve range. Now, Imma just put it out there, I'm buying everything in either an oversized fit or a size bigger than [...]

Book Review: You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan

[...] who barely know each other on the first page but are ridiculously close by the last one. AND (and Imma shout for everyone at the back) THEY HAVE NO ROMANTIC INTEREST IN EACHOTHER IT IS PURELY FRIENDLY [...]

And I’m Like… (Reviewing NXT Takeover:The End)

[...] and hits a shin breaker. He decides his best bet is to work over Nakamura’s leg and neck. Imma take a minute and say that NXT has some newer camera angles where the camera sweeps along the [...]

Uptown Funk Parody By OpenSUSE Linux team

[...] Don’t reboot it just patch Don’t reboot it just patch Hey, hey, hey, oh! Before we leave Imma tell y’all a lil something Uptime Funk you up, Uptime Funk you up Uptime Funk you up, [...]

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