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Ted Turner has been mentioned or cited more than a hundred times throughout all the RSS channels we monitor. Especially, the channel 'Rantsylvania' contains more than a dozen references to this person (or maybe different people with similar names) alone. As it’s displayed on the chart below, Ted Turner was highly popular in November, 2016.

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Nature Bats Last — Intro

[...] any ambitious consumption-maximizing strategy to limit peak warming.” Garrett was preceded by Ted Turner. He pointed out on the 2 April 2008 edition of the Charlie Rose Show that continuing to burn [...]


Battle of the Planets

[...] of capitalism and power and was thus censored. In the mid 1980s, American cable broadcaster Ted Turner revitalized the series as G Force. However, in that remake the characters' names were changed, [...]


1980s Arcade Centric Game Show Starcade Being Rebooted By Shout! Factory

[...] prizes. Alex Trebek hosted one of the first pilots for the show which was later picked up by Ted Turner to air on his then-fledgling cable station, WTBS; STARCADE went on to air more than 130 [...]


American Pastoral

American Pastoral

[...]  — and bolstered by the public support of conservationists and big names like media mogul Ted Turner — there were over four hundred thousand bison in the U.S. by the early 2000s, mostly in [...]

The Awl


December's Best Reads: Painkillers, a Pentagon Scandal, and Google’s New Financial Philosophy

[...] Ronald Reagan to Ron Paul to Paul Ryan to Clarence Thomas—not to mention businessmen like Ted Turner and Mark Cuban, to say nothing of Greenspan at the Fed. The libertarian movement claims [...]


The apocalypse will be live: CNN's mythical end of the world video is real

[...] , worked as an intern at the network in 2009. As rumor had it, the billionaire founder of CNN, Ted Turner, a man as known for his eccentricities as for his wealth and media legacy, had called for the [...]


Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia — It Starts at the TOP, Just Like in the USA and UK

[...] Leader Kim Beazley; – Former NSW Premier Bob Carr; – US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham; – Ted Turner (CNN). Barrett also mentions the brave Aussie politician Franca Arena, who got up in [...]


Linda McMahon betrays Vince by aligning with foe who shaved his head

[...] insult to injury, Vince recently found out that he wasn’t invited to a slumber party with Ted Turner, Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter. The post Linda McMahon betrays Vince by aligning with foe who [...]


The Black Swan Event They Didn’t Expect: PizzaGate

[...] agenda. Since virtually 96% of all major news outlets in America are owed or run by Jews (Ted Turner being the exception). Therefore, anyone who doesn’t see that there is an American Jewish [...]


Who are the members of the Shadow Government leadership? Who are the pawns within The Powers That Be?

[...] at the United Nations Association, and a 2008 Bilderberg conference participant (think tank). Ted Turner is the director emeritus at the United Nations Association, the founder of CNN, and the co- [...]


If you dig tortoises, this program is for you

[...] gopher tortoises removed and relocated to Nokuse, Eglin, private lands owned by conservationist Ted Turner, and a few other sites. Through similar partnerships, Saving Florida’s Gopher Tortoises has [...]



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